How much can I make in a Career in Makeup Artistry

How much can I make in a Career in Makeup Artistry I think Makeup Artistry is a great Career option. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find information about What Makeup Artistry actually is. Most pages on the internet just talk about How to g

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PKTron developer Martin Beck reacts to Isis support allegations
[ For years, ISIS has used a variety of online platformsincluding Twitter and WhatsApp among othersto communicate with recruits and operatives, issue claims of responsibility for attacks, and disseminate news updates and propaganda materials. In Januar ]
by Benedict Jonhnson - Wales Free Press × October 13, 2019
Een triest verhaal.
[ Robin Broos is een journalist die enkele dagen geleden een mooi artikel schreef in een Vlaamse krant over de Monacovrouwen. Kortom de echte verwende idioten op deze aarde. Alle krediet gaat naar hem. Hier gaan we: Wie Todd Phillips Joker al zag, w ]
by Anonymous × October 13, 2019
Kiss my UZI - 3251110
[ There she is, my sweet. Lovingly know as 3251110. She is a middleaged lady now, build in 1979. Shes bin through a lot and proudly wears a few scars here and there. Shes at my side ever since I was 17. Weve been holding each othermany nights and ]
by Ariel Nahal × October 7, 2019
PKTron Encrypted Chat Messenger Blog
[ October 14, 2019 PKTron has gone black Last months poll showed that the majority of the voters fancied the black version of the PKTron userinterface. Check out our new colours at October 13, 2019 PKTron developer reacts t ]
by PKTron developer × October 7, 2019
This is the title
[ Im testing the platform real quick. This has to be 50 chars. ]
by Anonymous × October 7, 2019 update v.1.4
[ We have updated our software to version 1.4 october 2019 version. We have fixed a few minor bugs and addressed some suggestions by our users, such as infinite session time you can now leave the writeedit page open for as long as you ]
by Throbe Master × September 30, 2019
Loupedeck Plus with FCPX - a negative review
[ I purchased a Loupedeck device for use with Final Cut Pro some time ago and it eventually arrived yesterday. My expectations were high, specially since all the positive hype on the internet and in magazines. Turns out, alas, that this is exactly what ]
by Martin Beek × September 30, 2019
Bangkok is sinking away
[ A city like Bangkok is sinking away Did you know that Slowly but gradually, yes indeed. Experts from not only Thailand warn for this for decades. Recent data shows that the capital is sinking by about 4 inches per year According to some it will be par ]
by Gary A. × September 25, 2019
The Thing About People
[ Im a talkative person. My friends would vouch how I can speak to them for hours. You dont want to know how long trust me. So, these past few weeks has been like a whirl for me. Ive met again the people that I cant imagine seeing after four or five ye ]
by CallMeDang × September 22, 2019
The Thing About Notebooks
[ Truth be told, I wasnt a keen writer growing up. I hated writing because I dont like my penmanship. I strayed to use a pen as much as possible ever since I was in elementary to high school. When I was in college, I really have no choice because I dont ]
by CallMeDang × September 22, 2019
It will get better
[ I hate the word damsel. The idea of Disney princesses doesnt really enticed me growing up. I wasnt hook on fairy tales or happy endings, but now, I became a damsel in distress. ]
by Doctorsanguine × September 19, 2019
[ Ive checked the Keep private box, and am hoping that I can use this as a private template page. I wanted a few more levels of heading, which Im going to paste here for my use when I create pages. Thank you. level 1 heading bold level 2 heading bold ]
by Username1Password × September 18, 2019
[ Ive checked the Keep private box, and am hoping that I can use this as a private template page. I wanted a few more levels of heading, which Im going to paste here for my use when I create pages. Thank you. level 1 heading bold level 2 heading bold ]
by Username1Password × September 17, 2019
My First
[ Esto es una gran puebra de lo que podemos hacer cada da de nuestra vida. Y ahora podr cansarme de publicar algo nuevo. ]
by NWC × September 17, 2019
[ At first, I thought that ascension was merely a trick of inebriation, at best immortalization. Then in later years I hoped it could be an avenue by which to repair with a love lost earlier in my life. Now, I see that ascension, in the wake of an even gre ]
by Username1Password × September 14, 2019
[ xema, kSema, kma: ymos, haimaz, home A lifetime of wandering, and Im still very far from where I can stay and protect a life that is truly my own.Electronic media is certainly an alternative to what the human likes to gather of his own envir ]
by Username1Password × September 14, 2019
[ I didnt interact with them much until the turn of the millennium, around the age of 30, and ever since then Ive been interacting with invisible people in various ways. Mostly, for years by now, I tell them something like Im busy, leave me alone, and ]
by Test × September 14, 2019
Ressignificando sua Histria de Vida
[ USANDO AS IMAGENS COM SUCESSO Prtica de Visualizao para a Sade Fsica e Mental Gerald Epstein, M.D. Organizao de trechos por Samej Spenser NDICE INTRODUO PREPARANDO A MENTE Inteno Tranquilidade Limpeza Mudana O PROCESSO ]
by Samej Spenser × September 2, 2019
Married women with careers
[ Lots has been said, written and condemned about them. Some object openly that its not up to women to have a job and a family at the same time. We should at least agree that were living in an open democracy and not in the middle ages anymore. So women h ]
by GaryA. × August 6, 2019
Waarom weer Halina Reijn
[ Kijk nou die grote paardenkop weer op de foto. Ik wordt kotsziek van die meid In elke Nederlandse speelfilm komt dat kadaver voorbij n moet ze liefst binnen vijf minuten haar tieten laten zien. Nu is ze ook al creative producer... Ik ben goed bekend ]
by Super Grover × August 5, 2019
Einsteins beliefs
[ This post will likely be quite controversial since it involves the issue whether there is a higher entity that controls everything and if there is any need at all to have faith in a certain religious belief. What created mankind so we are now able to re ]
by Anonymous × July 25, 2019
Need an outlet
[ So, I am a writer. That is, a person who writes. I used to publish things on my own website, lots of fanfiction mostly, but I dont do it any longer and I have archived my old site. Its as good as dead for now. As Ive gotten older Ive begun looking at ]
by Anonymous × July 16, 2019
MINERS Daughter
[ Peaceful,clean and a good life,this was my life when I live in the mines where dad was working.I am just so proud to be a daughter of the BEST MINER there is in my dads time.A lovable ,responsible man which I admire the most.I have become the dream ]
by Anonymous × June 29, 2019
How to: start blogging anonymously and why
[ Blogging anonymously has never been easier and safer. Just browse to https:thro.bewrite and start writing There are many individual reasons for why to blog anonymously. It doesnt necesarily mean that you have to create a new identity and lie abou ]
by Throbe Master × June 25, 2019
The Art of Throbe - part two of many
[ Electrified Saffran Multi view Beacon To be continued... Follow us on Twitter ]
by Throbe Master × June 18, 2019
[ sprzenie zwrotne, szczeglny rodzaj oddziaywania sprzenie midzy dwoma obiektami, odgrywajcy bardzo wan rol w automatyce, mechanice, elektronice, biologii, naukach spo., polega na zwrotnym oddziaywaniu skutku okrelonego zjawiska na je ]
by Michal × June 16, 2019
My friend Stanley
[ Hi Stanley, it must be about a year now that youre gone. A little bit longer, I think. Well, it isnt such a good year. The people complain Stanley, about the crisis rising prices loss of jobs and so on. I thought it wasnt so bad with them compared ]
by GaryA. × June 16, 2019
Ageing joyfully: portraits of people aged 100 and older
[ Ageing joyfully: portraits of people aged 100 and older Rather than photographing celebrities or models, Karsten Thormaehlen has a passion for taking portraits of people over the age of 100. These people have seen, experienced and lived through more ]
by Positive News × June 15, 2019
The Art of Throbe - part one of many
[ The Leaves The Abyss Pumpkin fields forever on the beach The Whale The Wall The Wall II To be continued... Follow us on Twitter: ]
by Throbe Master × June 12, 2019
Image upload re-enabled: an update
[ A short while ago was fined almost 1,000.00 euros for copyright infringement for an image uploaded to our server. The copyright holder had no understanding for Thro.bes situation and their lawyers were already sharpening their knifes... ]
by Throbe Master × June 11, 2019
La sombra
[ Caia la noche como toda las cosas que tienden a la bajada, as caa noms. Y como se le vino arriba entera ,se trep en la media que ya era noche ,y se durmi. ]
by Della Pilar × June 11, 2019 software update: added Tweet embed
[ Today weve added simplified embedding of Twitter tweets. Just click the Twitter bird on the menubar and enter a valid Twitter URL in the appearing input box. Easy does it Heres an example of our latest post: Try it out ]
by Throbe Master × June 10, 2019 software update: added image-resize and -align
[ Weve added align textfloat and resizing capabilities to all images. If you add or paste a new image, just click it once and resize handles will appear on all four corners. An alignment panel will be shown at the top of the image.This is an exam ]
by Throbe Master × June 10, 2019
Review:, a Run-and-Gun blogging platform that lets you write and blog anonymously
[ New writing and blogging tool is described as a minimalist, privacyaware, distractionfree writing and blogging platform. When i saw a Facebook sponsored message with that text floating by, I had to know more. What I found was an enjoyab ]
by Rose Ellington × June 10, 2019
YouTube Pulls Triumph of the Will For Violating New Hate Speech Policy
[ Under YouTubes new policy, Leni Riefenstahls 1935 propaganda epic had to go. But the decision raises major questions about history and representation. Triumph of the Will NsdapKobalShutterstock YouTubehovers in paradox: Its a platform for expre ]
by Kevin Solveig, Eric Kohn × June 7, 2019 Meer dan 10.000 gebruikers wereldwijd
[ MetIdeaPositkunt u 100 veilig uw ideen vastleggen en dateren via digitale technologie Eind mei 2019 zijn we de magische grens van 10.000 IdeaPosit gebruikers gepasseerd Dit overtreft onze eigen prognoses en verwachtingen. Mede door de niet te ]
by Barry Johnson × June 6, 2019
Welcome to c0m
[ Welcome to c0m media. I provide free domain (Equivalent to Also the engineering ebooks, study materials, social links, and more available on ]
by Arivumani Velmurugan × June 4, 2019
Who is Utpal Vaishnav
[ Utpal Vaishnav is an Author and an Entrepreneur based at India. His colleagues, friends and family call him UV. UV authored #SCRUMtweet: 140 Thought-Lenses to Build Better Software Using Scrum. #SCRUMtweet was published by ThinkAha from the USA. ]
by Utpal Vaishnav × June 3, 2019
Top 50 Index of best Health Blogs
[ The 50 Best Health Blogs Original article at: Here is my updates list of the 50 Best Health Blogs, june 2019. WebMD WebMD aims to provide articles and videos that give the audience bet ]
by Dan Morkovitz × June 1, 2019
it\'s like...
[ it's just like with a tiny text box. _cool_ I guess. don't think there's markdown? and the "edit" and "delete" links are broken! I'm just a kewl hacker who can get around your broken shit. you should fix that. ]
by Anonymous × May 31, 2019
The sad decline of a \"star\"!
[ Margo Stevens was born in the United States on April 11, 1972. She's a petite female at 5'2" skinny and weighs 107 lbs. She used to be a porn star and did both hardcore boy-girl scenes and solo shoots. That was then some 25 years ago. Now to the reality ]
by GaryA. × May 31, 2019
[ life is a journey of ups and downs those that believe that success is in themselves keeps on fighting till the end, the thing is never give up. ]
by Anonymous × May 31, 2019
Tapestry of talent: how an entrepreneur is making the creative industries more diverse
[ DJ and Instagram influencer Mercedes F Benson is on a mission to get more black, Asian and minority ethnic talent into the creative industries. Words by Gavin Haines May 30, 2019 Social Enterprise Societ Brands of inspiration This article has be ]
by Gavin Haines × May 30, 2019
Visual artists: how IdeaPosit can help protecting your images
[ As visual artist you might want to share your work through publication, exhibition or by sharing on social media. You might want to send your portfolio to a prospect client. What you don't want is that your images show up anywhere on the web or in a ma ]
by Barry Johnson × May 26, 2019
Fujifilm X T3 F Log High Contrast ProRes Ninja Flame – RW test
[ A VERY short Fujifilm XT-3 real-world contrast test. I shot a few contrast-rich scenes with contrast ratios exceeding 10 stops in some occasions, to test the F-Log and sensor performance. Very harsh, very bright directional light at 12:00 noon. ]
by Martin Beek, S.I.C. × May 23, 2019
Risk of nuclear war now highest since WW2, U.N. arms research chief says
[ GENEVA (Reuters) - The risk of nuclear weapons being used is at its highest since World War Two, a senior U.N. security expert said on Tuesday, calling it an “urgent” issue that the world should take more seriously. Reporting by Tom Miles; Editing ]
by Jonathan Blogs × May 21, 2019
Watch all episodes of Game of Thrones in 73 seconds
[ Game of Thrones ended last night and we're ready for a rewatch but only have 73 seconds. Thankfully, the internet has us covered.  It's all the rage to binge content these days, but what happens if you're super busy?  I loved Game of Thrones, it ]
by Dough Whiteford × May 21, 2019
Name one thing in this photo!
[ Name one thing in this photo. Just one thing... Let me know in the comments section below. ]
by Karina Beerens × May 21, 2019
The Society of Independent Cinematographers (S.I.C.) now welcomes all film professionals
[ The Society has long been a fraternity of Cinematographers, or to be more precise, Directors of Photography. As from march 2019 the S.I.C. welcomes all independent professionals working in film production, or as the society phrases it, "every Independe ]
by Florian Bachman, S.I.C. × May 20, 2019
Adobe Warns Using Old Creative Cloud Apps Might Get You in Trouble With the Copyright Cops
[ Last week, Adobe said that older versions of Creative Cloud apps—including Photoshop and Lightroom—would no longer be available to subscribers. This week, some users are getting messages from Adobe warning they could be at “risk of potential cl ]
by Victoria Song × May 19, 2019 - a Free, No-signup, Minimalist, Distraction-free, Privacy-aware Writing & Blogging Platform is an open and privacy-aware writing and micro blogging platform for publishing articles to the internet without the need for signup or a login. offers a distraction-free, minimalist and intuitive rich text editor

A Free, Minimalist, privacy-focused, writing and publishing platform.

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A distraction-free writing tool We eliminate notifications, streams, likes, and commentary so you can focus on your words. Enjoy a clear mind and a beautifully simple space to write your thoughts.

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A free, free speech, anonynous alernative to Facebook Messenger Notes

microblog, blog

A free, free speech, anonynous alernative to Telegraph ( alternative )

Dropbox paper

throbe is an alternative to Drop Box paper

>Dropbox Paper, or simply Paper, is a collaborative document-editing service developed by Dropbox. Originating from the company's acquisition of document collaboration company Hackpad in April 2014, Dropbox Paper was officially announced in October 2015, and launched in January 2017. It offers a web application, as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS. Dropbox Paper was described in the official announcement post as "a flexible workspace that brings people and ideas together. With Paper, teams can create, review, revise, manage, and organize—all in shared documents". Reception of Dropbox Paper has been mixed. Critics praised collaboration functionality, including content available immediately, the ability to mention specific collaborators, assign tasks, write comments, as well as editing attribution, and revision history. It received particular praise for its support for rich media from a variety of sources, with one reviewer noting that Paper's support for rich media exceeds the capabilities of most of its competitors. However, it was criticized for a lack of formatting options and editing features. While the user interface was liked for being minimal, reviewers cited the lack of a fixed formatting bar and missing features present in competitors' products as making Dropbox Paper seem like a "light" tool.


A free, free speech, anonynous alernative to Quip, Medium, Twitter




throbe alternative


Telegram has launched a product called Telegraph which serves as a fast publishing platform.


is branching beyond being a messaging app into something more well-rounded. The company on Tuesday launched


Throbe, a publishing platform with striking similarities to Medium and Quip. What’s interesting about the service is that no account is needed — simply visit the website and begin typing away. When you’re done, hit publish and it’s immediately on the web. Described as

a publishing tool that lets you create rich posts with markdown, photos, and all sorts of embedded stuff,

” Telegraph is an interesting play, especially since it’s as if Facebook Messenger launched a Notes tool, or if Twitter natively integrated with Medium. Creating a post can be done in no time and with little restrictions — you create a title for your screed, enter in someone’s name as the author, and begin typing.






is an online publishing platform developed by Evan Williams and launched in August 2012. It is owned by A Medium Corporation.[3] The platform is an example of social journalism, having a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people and publications, or exclusive blogs or publishers on Medium,[4] and is regularly regarded as a blog host. Williams, previously co-founder of Blogger and Twitter, initially developed Medium as a way to publish writings and documents longer than Twitter's 140-character (now 280-character) maximum. The platform software provides a full WYSIWYG user interface when editing online, with various options for formatting provided as the user edits over rich text format. Once an entry is posted, it can be recommended and shared by other people, in a similar manner to Twitter.[7] Posts can be upvoted in a similar manner to Reddit, and content can be assigned a specific theme, in the same way as Tumblr. In August 2017, Medium replaced their Recommend button with a "clap" feature, which readers can click multiple times to signify how much they enjoyed the article. Medium announced that payment to authors will be weighted based on how many "claps" they receive.[25] Users can create a new account using Facebook, or Google account. The users may also sign up using an e-mail address, when they are signing up using the mobile app of [26]