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Mayakovsky - 1

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Roboti i suki
[ 18 , , , . . , . ]
by Dmitry Novak × February 27, 2020
On the way
[ Back from Beirut and enjoying the peace of the island. Here it rained much during the last week. Everything is green and lush. A pleasure for the eyes and for nature. ]
by Red Camel × February 22, 2020
Bulgakov - Marginal notes
[ , . , , ]
by Galkovsky × February 13, 2020
Bulgakov - 8
[ XXIV , . , , , , ]
by Galkovsky × February 13, 2020
Bulgakov - 7
[ . , , . XXI , . ]
by Galkovsky × February 13, 2020
Bulgakov - 6
[ XX 90 : , , . . ]
by Galkovsky × February 13, 2020
Bulgakov - 5
[ XVII . . 1927 , ]
by Galkovsky × February 13, 2020
Bulgakov - 4
[ 1927 . . , , . , . , , ]
by Galkovsky × February 13, 2020
Bulgakov - 3
[ . , , , 80 ]
by Galkovsky × February 13, 2020
Bulgakov - 2
[ . : , , . . ]
by Galkovsky × February 13, 2020
Bulgakov - 1
[ , . , . . , : ]
by Galkovsky × February 13, 2020
Mayakovsky - 7
[ XVII , , . : ]
by Galkovsky × February 13, 2020
Mayakovsky - 6
[ XIV , , , . 1927 ]
by Galkovsky × February 13, 2020
Mayakovsky - 5
[ . XII , , , ]
by Galkovsky × February 13, 2020
Mayakovsky - 4
[ IX 1917 . , , . ]
by Galkovsky × February 13, 2020
Mayakovsky - 3
[ . . 1915 . VI , . ]
by Galkovsky × February 12, 2020
Mayakovsky - 1
[ I . , , . , , , ]
by Galkovsky × February 12, 2020
Mayakovsky - 2
[ 1 1909 13 , . . 1907 , ]
by Galkovsky × February 12, 2020
3 lessons from owning Reits for 15 years
[ CHIN HUI LEONG I BOUGHT units of Suntec Reit in 2005. I still own all the units today. Real estate investment trusts Reits, as a whole, have grown in popularity over the last 15 years. Its not hard to see why. Reits offer access for the common inve ]
by Anonymous × February 12, 2020
Piano Quartet No.1 in G Minor, K.478 - 1. Allegro
[ . , . . . . . . , . 1, . ]
by Hannibal Lecter × January 31, 2020
Men are trash from Mars
[ des fois les y cest pas clair et jaimerais que personne me parle quand je parle personne moi non plus. je veux dire cest un choix. on vit dans un monde qui va mille lheure, il y a dj tant de paroles, paroles. jaime pas cette impression qui ]
by Anon × January 30, 2020
When Subscription Fees Work
[ At age 25, Alan Moore set out as an independent advisor in 2012 with a goal of serving clients in his own age groupbut realized that the dominant service model for feebased financial planners didnt work for younger Americans. Moore would go on to adop ]
by SEPTEMBER 1, 2019 CHRISTOPHER ROBBINS × January 25, 2020
How do you pursue a Career in Journalism
[ How do you pursue a Career inJournalism LifePage worlds most evolvedCareer Counsellingplatform Journalism There are many nuances of a Career in Journalism. I want to first understand What a Career in Journalism entails before I invest time a ]
by How do you pursue a Career in Journalism × January 23, 2020
How to Advise Agreeables
[ Contributor Michael Pompian offers ideas for working with this personality. This is the sixth article in a series focusing on the Big Five personality traits and how they relate to the behavioral biases of investors. Over the years, I have followed a d ]
by Morningstar × January 23, 2020
What clients crave in digital banking
[ Most clients accept that the future of banking is digital but in order to feel secure, they are looking to traditional financial institutions to create it. That and other actionable if sometimes contradictory nuggets for advisors are contained in ]
by × January 23, 2020
The Long Journey of Setting Up a Manjaro32
[ So we happen to have an old ThinkPad Z61m around in our household. Wifey used to use it for mundane officeish things, reading mail, surfing the interwebs, writing the odd letter, you catch the drift. Its being run by a Ubuntu LTS installation. Good ]
by J. Random Hacker × January 22, 2020
US landlords grapple with thousands of store closures
[ When Forever 21 was struggling to pay its bills last year, the cheap chic retailers landlord at Times Square in Manhattan was so determined to keep the store open that it slashed the rent, making the one concession building owners try to avoid. As par ]
by Financial Times × January 22, 2020
Wat is balsemen
[ Wat is balsemen Op onze website vind je uitgebreide informatie over de betekenis van Balsemen en wat de behandeling inhoudt. Hieronder vind je een korte samenvatting en het volledige artikel kan je hier lezen: Wat is balse ]
by Martin Beek × January 19, 2020
Wat is lichte balseming
[ Wat is lichte balseming Op onze website vind je uitgebreide informatie over de betekenis van Lichte Balseming en wat de behandeling inhoudt. Hieronder vind je een korte samenvatting en het volledige artikel kan je hier lez ]
by Martin Beek × January 19, 2020
Wat is thanatopraxie
[ Wat is thanatopraxie Op onze website leg ik uit wat thanatopraxie inhoudt. Hieronder kan je al een beknopt uittreksel lezen, de volledige tekst kun je lezen op onze pagina Thanatopraxie. Lichte balseming Lichte bals ]
by Martin Beek × January 19, 2020
Mia Farang
[ Buri Ram, Udon Thani, Khon Kaen, Roi Et and many others are not your typical household names when talking of cities towns in Thailand. They are all located in the rural Northeast of the country and referred by Thais as Isaan. Its one of the poorest ]
by Anonymous × January 9, 2020
Misverstanden over balsemen lichte balseming en thanatopraxie
[ Balsemen Lichte balseming Thanatopraxie Al vanaf 2010 ontmoet ik regelmatig mensen die een heel ander beeld van het balsemen hebben dan wat het balsemen werkelijk inhoudt. In dit nieuwe artikel op onze website geef ik een overzicht met interres ]
by Martin Beek × January 9, 2020
GRACE Marketplace
[ GRACE is a onestop homeless resource center serving Gainesville and Alachua County. ]
by Cetesa × January 1, 2020
[ Hibiscus. . , , ]
by Botanist × January 1, 2020
[ newbie http:en.wiktionary.orgwikinewbie Etymology Origin uncertain: perhaps an alteration of newie with intrusive b compare freebie, possibly a blend of newborn and baby, or perhaps a shortening of new boy or new beginner. If the term comes from ]
by Anonymous × January 1, 2020 best wishes and 2020 software update
[ The team Martin, Sonja, Barry and Paul wishes you peace, love, and joy this holiday season and throughout 2020 And a little earlier than expected... Weve updated our software today to version 1.5, which was originally planned for january 202 ]
by Throbe Master × December 25, 2019
Choosing a notes taking app
[ There are a few apps that are needed everyday, but really difficult to chose. One of them is the note taking tool. As usual, not having a clear set of requirements, nor any priority for them, is not helping. Lets try to figure out how to select one, ]
by Groumf × November 24, 2019
Gifntext alpha suggestions
[ Hey there Jeff Ive decided to do a little article here, since I think this will be easier to go through than a video and I noticed I am really bad at doing coherent and concise videos anyway, even if I have a list of things I like to say right in f ]
by Ninewhite × November 10, 2019
Balsemen thanatopraxie lichte balseming
[ Thanatopraxie Balsemen Lichte balseming Op onze website vindt u alle informatie over het lichte balsemen thanatopraxie van overledenen. Wat is thanatopraxie Thanatopraxie lichte balseming is een methode om een l ]
by Martin Beek × November 9, 2019
What a birthday
[ I obviously have no clue if you are married or not. If you are, then the least you can expect is that theres some kind of connection with your wife and children. In most marriages that goes naturally but in others its completely lost after a while. And ]
by GaryA. × November 9, 2019
Hola mundo
[ Me he dado cuenta de que Instagram se me queda corto para algunas cosas que quiero contar, y como no es cuestin de convertir las publicaciones en entradas de blog, de vez en cuando ir publicando alguna cosa por aqu. Por lo pronto tengo a medias un an ]
by El tipo del compost × November 8, 2019
Medico de Patos no Piaui faz mais uma vitima em Araripina
[ Boa tarde gente estou aqui desesperada de corao partido hoje era pra eu esta como Minha princesa filha por causa deste medicohoje minha filha esta no reino do cu ele reduziu meu parto foro eu ter normal sem eu te passagem era pra eu se ]
by Verdades de Araripina × November 8, 2019
Tio do Gesso cobra divida de 700 mil do sem titulo
[ Todos sabem onde a fbrica do sem ttulo pega pedra, mas tem anos que no vem pagando, e agora a esposa do finado resolveu bloquear a entrega das pedras. Atendendo pedido do irmo que comeou a campanha muito cedo, gastando em mdia 100 mil reais como e ]
by Politicagem Araripinense × November 7, 2019
Two friends.
[ Ramon and Stuart knew eachother from their childhood days, when their parents lived both in small houses opposite a large stinking factory that, of course, was also their fathers employer. Years and years passed and the two shared many moments, some pos ]
by Gary A. × November 5, 2019
Retour la course pieds
[ 20191102 Demain, cest le retour la course, aprs des annes noires dues une srie de mauvaises blessures mal soignes. Le plan est simple : on va essayer de retrouver la forme minimale en une douzaine de sessions. Cela signifie un mois et demi, ]
by Groumf × November 2, 2019
PKTron developer Martin Beck reacts to Isis support allegations
[ For years, ISIS has used a variety of online platformsincluding Twitter and WhatsApp among othersto communicate with recruits and operatives, issue claims of responsibility for attacks, and disseminate news updates and propaganda materials. In Januar ]
by Benedict Jonhnson - Wales Free Press × October 13, 2019
Een triest verhaal.
[ Robin Broos is een journalist die enkele dagen geleden een mooi artikel schreef in een Vlaamse krant over de Monacovrouwen. Kortom de echte verwende idioten op deze aarde. Alle krediet gaat naar hem. Hier gaan we: Wie Todd Phillips Joker al zag, w ]
by Anonymous × October 13, 2019
Kiss my UZI - 3251110
[ There she is, my sweet. Lovingly know as 3251110. She is a middleaged lady now, build in 1979. Shes bin through a lot and proudly wears a few scars here and there. Shes at my side ever since I was 17. Weve been holding each othermany nights and ]
by Ariel Nahal × October 7, 2019
PKTron Encrypted Chat Messenger Blog
[ October 14, 2019 PKTron has gone black Last months poll showed that the majority of the voters fancied the black version of the PKTron userinterface. Check out our new colours at October 13, 2019 PKTron developer reacts t ]
by PKTron developer × October 7, 2019 update v.1.4
[ We have updated our software to version 1.4 october 2019 version. We have fixed a few minor bugs and addressed some suggestions by our users, such as infinite session time you can now leave the writeedit page open for as long as you ]
by Throbe Master × September 30, 2019 - a Free, No-signup, Minimalist, Distraction-free, Privacy-aware Writing & Blogging Platform is an open and privacy-aware writing and micro blogging platform for publishing articles to the internet without the need for signup or a login. offers a distraction-free, minimalist and intuitive rich text editor

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A free, free speech, anonynous alernative to Facebook Messenger Notes

microblog, blog

A free, free speech, anonynous alernative to Telegraph ( alternative )

Dropbox paper

throbe is an alternative to Drop Box paper

>Dropbox Paper, or simply Paper, is a collaborative document-editing service developed by Dropbox. Originating from the company's acquisition of document collaboration company Hackpad in April 2014, Dropbox Paper was officially announced in October 2015, and launched in January 2017. It offers a web application, as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS. Dropbox Paper was described in the official announcement post as "a flexible workspace that brings people and ideas together. With Paper, teams can create, review, revise, manage, and organize—all in shared documents". Reception of Dropbox Paper has been mixed. Critics praised collaboration functionality, including content available immediately, the ability to mention specific collaborators, assign tasks, write comments, as well as editing attribution, and revision history. It received particular praise for its support for rich media from a variety of sources, with one reviewer noting that Paper's support for rich media exceeds the capabilities of most of its competitors. However, it was criticized for a lack of formatting options and editing features. While the user interface was liked for being minimal, reviewers cited the lack of a fixed formatting bar and missing features present in competitors' products as making Dropbox Paper seem like a "light" tool.


A free, free speech, anonynous alernative to Quip, Medium, Twitter




throbe alternative


Telegram has launched a product called Telegraph which serves as a fast publishing platform.


is branching beyond being a messaging app into something more well-rounded. The company on Tuesday launched


Throbe, a publishing platform with striking similarities to Medium and Quip. What’s interesting about the service is that no account is needed — simply visit the website and begin typing away. When you’re done, hit publish and it’s immediately on the web. Described as

a publishing tool that lets you create rich posts with markdown, photos, and all sorts of embedded stuff,

” Telegraph is an interesting play, especially since it’s as if Facebook Messenger launched a Notes tool, or if Twitter natively integrated with Medium. Creating a post can be done in no time and with little restrictions — you create a title for your screed, enter in someone’s name as the author, and begin typing.






is an online publishing platform developed by Evan Williams and launched in August 2012. It is owned by A Medium Corporation.[3] The platform is an example of social journalism, having a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people and publications, or exclusive blogs or publishers on Medium,[4] and is regularly regarded as a blog host. Williams, previously co-founder of Blogger and Twitter, initially developed Medium as a way to publish writings and documents longer than Twitter's 140-character (now 280-character) maximum. The platform software provides a full WYSIWYG user interface when editing online, with various options for formatting provided as the user edits over rich text format. Once an entry is posted, it can be recommended and shared by other people, in a similar manner to Twitter.[7] Posts can be upvoted in a similar manner to Reddit, and content can be assigned a specific theme, in the same way as Tumblr. In August 2017, Medium replaced their Recommend button with a "clap" feature, which readers can click multiple times to signify how much they enjoyed the article. Medium announced that payment to authors will be weighted based on how many "claps" they receive.[25] Users can create a new account using Facebook, or Google account. The users may also sign up using an e-mail address, when they are signing up using the mobile app of [26]